5 Key factors to turn brands into legends

We are a nimble, fleet footed bunch, who insist on working with experts in their fields. We specialise in making story led film content about places, spaces, food and drink.

Why do we come into work each day? Well, we have the opportunity to shape narratives that resonate with our client’s audiences. We exist to do one thing: create fantastic stories so people remember the truths within. Through this, we help turn brands into legends.

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Redlands Distribution Vision


Redlands Distribution Limited vision is to be the leading international distribution and franchise operator for the UK and Ireland. We are actively looking for International Brands that are interested in entering the UK market.

We successfully launched FAO Schwarz pop-ups in Selfridges Oxford Street, Trafford Centre & Birmingham in November 2018. This was such a success that a 20,000sqft FAO Schwarz flagship is to open on the fourth floor in Selfridges Oxford Street in November 2019. See the press announcements in our news section!

The Discovery products have performed extremely well in Selfridges and will now be available across the UK in a number of established retailers throughout 2019. Discovery #Mindblown (STEM) range is gaining global recognition through its McDonald’s partnership. Redlands Distribution has the exclusive rights for the UK and Ireland and are excited by its potential. Feel free to look through the 2019 product catalogues on the Discovery page and contact us for more information.

The BigPiano was launched in Selfridges in November 2018. Since then it has been used at a number of high-profile events on a hire basis. The BigPiano can be hired on a daily basis and can create a memorable experience for its customers. Ideal for events at shopping malls to enhance customer experience.

Zippy is an established Portuguese childrenswear retail and wholesale chain. It has grown over the years across Spain and Portugal and is now in over 20 countries worldwide. This will be the first time it is available in the UK. Redlands are very excited about its launch in 2019. Watch this space to finds out where and when the first store will open.

The brands above have all happened in our first year of trading! We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio with complementary brands.

We are open to exclusive distribution deals and/or franchise deals.

Please send your company profile to Redlandsretail  to be considered. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our strategy is to take on the distribution rights for International Brands and embed them into the UK market. This will be achieved by using the most effective sales channel in launching each brand into the UK, whether that is e-commerce, concession, wholesale or bricks-and-mortar.

In 2018, Redlands Distribution entered into an exclusive agreement with ThreeSixty Group Limited, a company based out of Hong Kong and the USA, for the exclusive rights of FAO Schwarz for the UK and Ireland.

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Prospecting and Appointment Setting

So, you decide to branch out and you have started your own business.  You know a few people, and most importantly, a few people know you. So you took the plunge and started to work for yourself.

Everything is going well, few clients signed up, you have hired an extra pair of helping hands. You are getting busy, and the money started to roll in.

You are now too busy to hunt for new clients, even though you have the case studies and a good story to tell, but no time to tell the world.  You might be thinking to hire someone else, but this might take too much time, or it might cost to much if you were to consider hiring an experienced sales professional that can hit the ground running, so, what do you do?

Here at thebiz.co.uk, we can help you to identify intimidate opportunities and become an extension of your sales team.   We have a team of professionals ready to hit the ground running, and ready to help you to grow your business, starting at £150 per day.

  • We are good at prospecting decision makers
  • We are also good at appointment settings, and
  • We can close deals in your behalf, given enough information and understanding of your product and or service.
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