7 Things To Do When Planning A Simpler Site.

We all want an effective website that makes the users lives easy right? Easy to understand and easy and obvious for the user to take the next steps to the conversion you want.

In reality, as business owners we never know what that one thing is we want the user to do.

We throw in all the services we offer, add jazzy over complex images, multiple fonts “Because they look nice” and then wonder why nothing’s happening on our site.

Simple design works every time. No matter if you’re working on your website, email newsletter or print media, simple design is proven to be more visually appealing and creates a better first impression. As you should know by now, first impressions are everything.

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5 Reasons Your Competitors SMASH Their B2B Sales Targets While You Struggle

Five Ways To Smash YOUR B2B Sales Targets And Beat Your Competitors

Increasing sales is the holy grail for many companies worldwide. However, where B2B sales are concerned it can present a considerable challenge to business owners and their salespeople.

In an industry as old as the sales industry, you would expect that most company owners would have the keys to increasing their sales numbers but the reality is different.

With the advent of technology, has come a huge influx of new ways in which sales should be handled. Some may say that this influx has caused the industry to become more fragmented. Others say it makes the industry more competitive. We say, “maybe we need to go back to basics!”

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1. Extend Your Company’s Reach By Forming Strategic Partnerships With Self-Employed Sales Professionals

“But We already have a sales team!” we hear you say. However, if you’re not utilising an independent sales channel you’re seriously missing out.

Self-employed sales agents offer a wealth of industry experience, extensive client lists and a network of contacts you can leverage for your own ends.

In most cases, independent sales agents also offer a much faster and more cost effective route to market than relying solely on in-house sales staff because they already have extensive networks of contacts that they do business with regularly in areas that extend beyond the reach of your employees.

This isn’t to negate the effectiveness of in-house sales teams but rather to encourage diversification and reach new markets where your existing sales force don’t have a presence on the ground or existing relationships with your target clients.

2. Help Your Sales Reps Understand Your Buyers

Whether you work with commission-only sales professionals or employ in-house salespeople, the most important thing you should do as an employer is to empower your sales team by giving them the information they need about your buyers.

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