Leaving the EU advice for businesses

This information will help you understand how leaving the EU may affect your business. Visit gov.uk for full guidance to help you to prepare.

If you import or export There may be changes to UKEU trade at the UK border including on customs, tariffs and VAT. Take the first step to prepare now.

If you transfer personal data into the UK There may be changes to how you send or receive personal data from international partners, including in the EEA.

If you employ EU citizens You will still be able to employ EU citizens as you do now and be required to continue to conduct the same right to work checks. You will not need to take any immediate action.

If you receive European funding The government has guaranteed any funding secured through EU programmes until the end of 2020.

If you provide services or operate in the EU There may be new rules you need to comply with if you operate in EU/ EEA countries. This could affect your business if:

  •  you have a branch(es) in the EU
  •  you operate in a service sector within the EU
  • you’re planning a merger with an EU company
  • you or your employees travel to EU/EEA countries for business
  • Check the regulations for the EU/EEA countries you operate in, including visa requirements, to understand how changes could affect your business

If you sell manufactured goods Your business may need to:

If you hold intellectual property There may be changes that affect copyright, patents, designs and trade marks.


The EU Exit tool will help you to make detailed plans based on the profile of your business

Step 1 Access the tool
Step 2 Answer some simple questions about your business
Step 3 Read the actions to take that are relevant to your business and sign up for email alerts to stay updated


Prepare your Business for EU Exit