5 ways to keep your customers happy with easier transactions

How a customer makes a transaction when making a purchase is arguably more important today than ever before. In a world where people can find, purchase and receive an item all on the same day, it’s essential that the product payment process matches this nice, quick and easy shopping experience.

So, whether your customers buy online or order over the phone, here are six ways to provide easier transactions to keep them happy.


A reliable business bank

This is good place to start when aiming to make transactions quick and simple for your customers. If your business is supported by dedicated business banking services, designed to support a company’s day-to-day needs, it can help with things like making sure online transactions are straightforward, fast, safe and secure.


Multiple options to pay

In today’s world where people have so much choice, it’s wise to follow suit with your choice of payment options. You should give people the option to pay for purchases both online and over the phone and accept a range of credit cards and debit cards. It’s also important to ensure you always have a variety of different payment options available for customers to choose from. This is particularly useful in the event of one becoming unavailable, such as a problem processing card payment, or lacking the change in a till to complete a cash purchase. Alternatives can help stop customers becoming frustrated and choosing to purchase from somewhere else.  


Ask for essential info only

When your customer goes through the transaction process, it’s wise to only ask them for information that’s essential to successfully completing their payment – name, address, and card details, for instance. Making a transaction easy and frustration-free is as simple as limiting the amount of details or questions you present to a customer. While gathering information can at times be useful for you it can be really off putting to a potential customer.


Make errors easy to fix

People can make mistakes during a transaction, they might rush filling in a form or simply mistype or use an old card for example. You should try to create a transaction process that makes these errors easy to fix and correct. This shouldn’t involve the user being taken back to a previous web page and having to retype information. The error should hopefully be a quick fix that your system can sort in seconds. Then the customer can move on.


Signpost and assist

Finally, you should do everything possible to make the transaction process easy for the customer to understand and complete. This includes signposting where they need to go next on your website and assisting customers wherever possible. This could include adding an address finder system on your site, so a customer can quickly type in their delivery address. You could also provide a live webchat service to help them if they need assistance.


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