Have a Great Business Idea? Here is How to Finance it

You probably have the perfect business idea but as soon as you started to work on it, you have realized the incredible amount of cost that’s attached to it. Now stop scratching your head for ideas and let’s look at some of the major areas you need to consider forming your business


Start with Your Personal Savings

When you’re just starting your own business, you can do this via a company formations agent such as qualitycompanyformations.co.uk, maybe you’ve registered a company name or sorted out your idea roughly, you need a limited budget to work on. If you have any personal savings over the years or even loan from parents a small amount that can help you to get your business started. On the downside, if you end up making a loss you will probably lose the only savings that you had


You’ll need BIG Investors to Expand

As you grow as a company you will need a bigger budget to function. This is where big investors come in. There are various types of investors that can help you expand and sustain your business:

  • You can sell a stake in your business for a considerable amount to others. The more promise your company has the higher the chances of getting a fat check against every stake in your company.
  • You can sell shares of your business in the market to raise more funds to grow your company.
  • Investment banks or Fund managers are also great ways to get investments as if your company grows into a big one they have a large profit potential there.

Investment is paramount to the growth of any company and there is no way you can sustain without investment. One thing that you need to make sure before you move for investment is exactly how much money you’re going to need to function properly and then make your plans accordingly.


Bank Loans

There are a lot of banks who give out loans to start-ups. You need to have a casualty in order to get the loan in most cases which can be a deterrence factor for a lot of people. If you can find low-interest rate loans from banks then it can work out fine for you.


Government Initiatives Provides Opportunities

Govt. give out different schemes from time to time that gives opportunities to people with innovative ideas to fund their businesses. If your idea is different and feasible you have a great chance of landing one of those schemes.  

Ranging from schemes to help fund training to help with building repair or encourage promoting growth businesses to take on apprentices or, there are so many schemes that are available. Govt. website generally contain all the details all of this scheme. Although some of this may have restrictions according to business location or size.


Crowdfunding is Always an Available Option

Crowdfunding is a very popular option these days where you get a lot of people to contribute a small amount for your project.  You need to explain what their funding will cover – either for getting a product into mass production or securing intellectual property rights, for example. You can basically do this in two ways:

  • Websites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter are good places you can go to get your project funded through crowdsourcing. They allow their members to donate to a project that members like.  
  • You can use your own crowdfunding page if you think you can make it popular but generally, that is a huge task to do. Especially in the case where your product can solve any daily life problem you have a huge chance of getting the funding as people will want that.

One thing that you need to keep in mind that if you fail to reach your goal of your crowdfunding event, you will receive none of the funding. So, the only time you should consider this is if you think your product has the capability of making that great impact.

If you have a great idea and work ethic, funding your business won’t stop you from being incredibly successful


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