The rise of non-standard home insurance in the UK

There is a growing number of properties in the UK that now fall into a category known as non-standard as labelled by insurance companies. What is this new category and what impact does it have on homeowners?

Non-standard is an insurance term used to describe a property risk; this breaks down into smaller sub categories of;
• How old the property is?
• What building materials it is made from?
• Is the property near any natural perils e.g. waterways
• And what the property use is going to be

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6 things you need to do when employing staff for the first time

There are 6 things you need to do when employing staff for the first time.

  • Decide how much to pay someone – you must pay your employee at least the National Minimum Wage.
  • Check if someone has the legal right to work in the UK. You may have to do other employment checks as well.
  • Apply for a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) if you work in a field that requires one, eg with vulnerable people or security.
  • Get employment insurance – you need employers’ liability insurance as soon as you become an employer.
  • Send details of the job (including terms and conditions) in writing to your employee. You need to give your employee a written statement of employment if you’re employing someone for more than 1 month.
  • Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by registering as an employer – you can do this up to 4 weeks before you pay your new staff.
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    No Limits

    Eero Mander has long been viewed as the mad inventor of the Estonian craft beer community, having started out as a prolific home brewer back in 2011, delighting friends and colleagues with his inventive use of unusual ingredients. Despite having grown considerably since then – with a brewery of his own and a taproom on its way – Eero’s brewing still retains that same spirit of adventure and unpredictability.

    Having honed his skills for six years, brewing two or three small batches every week at home, Eero finally decided in 2014 that he needed to take a step up in scale. He partnered first with Põhjala and then Lehe, Õllenaut and Tanker to produce a series of gypsy brews, raising his profile and the funds to build his own brewery. In September 2016, this dream became reality, and Pühaste opened its doors in the university town of Tartu, a couple of hours south-east of Tallinn.

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    Start-up Business? Why you need an accountant

    You probably think that for your start-up business it’s pointless getting an accountant. Wrong. It’s probably the most helpful time to get one and make sure you are running in the right tracks to success. An accountant can provide you with a huge deal of essential support. Much like an extra business advisor we can give advice on your business plan and things like that tax issues of registering a new business.

    Many of your concerns when in a new business will be financial, and having vital advice from an accountant will make work life a lot easier. As well as helping with the forecast of cash-flows and budgeting, we can be there for general financial advice and offer up-to-date information on legal or general queries.

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    Best Office Printers and Copiers for 2017

    Choosing the right office printers or copiers for your company can be difficult. Depending on your needs and office size could make a big difference in your selection. From Xerox Versant 80 Press to the WorkCentre 3225, you want your printer or copier to be the best value for your company.

    WorkCentre 3225
    The Xerox WorkCentre 3225 combines five key office functions of printing, copying, scanning, faxing and emailing into one multifunctional laser printer. Having built in Wi-Fi, automatic two-sided printing and printing speeds up to 28 pages per minute, it is ideal for individuals or small work teams.

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