1 Business and 3 Products You Can Start Selling in UK Today

Looking for simple business ideas you can start in UK today or ASAP? Look no further. Fact is, there’re several businesses you could do or start in UK but some are complex, costly, etc.

The big question becomes which particular business can I start?

Dropshipping business allows you advertise and sell millions of other people’s products at your own price without investing a penny buying stock.

Whether you’re broke or simply looking to diversify your business or income streams, the following dropshipping product categories can start you off on the journey to earning extra income and ending (all) your money worries.


1. Video Doorbell

Similar to TrueCaller (the app that shows caller ID even of numbers not registered in your phonebook), the video doorbell is a home security and smart home device that captures and shows the face(s) of who’s knocking or calling at the door.

With this you have remote accessibility plus enhanced security as you can tell beforehand if it’s the cops, criminals, cousins or the nosy neighbor that just won’t let you breathe.

Here’s a 14-year Google Trends chart showing interest in video doorbells in UK, 2004-2018.

video doorbell UK
Video doorbell UK

It has shown significant growth in the last 4 years.

Areas with high interest in video doorbells in UK within same period include:

  • Wales (100%)
  • England (96%)
  • Scotland (68%)

According to reports on Statista, global video doorbell market is projected to reach $1.4 billion by 2023.


2. Smartwatches

The smartwatch is bidding and enjoying its time in the spotlight. Many for instance want a bite of the Apple iWatch with its many handy features.

These hi-tech wearable devices have revolutionized the wrist watch industry with many featuring fitness components and functions that help users keep physically fit.

Here’s a 14-year Google Trends chart comparing interest in smartwatches and fitness from 2004-2018.

Smartwatch-fitness UK
Smartwatch-fitness UK

Notice the rise or resurgence in the last 2 years.

Areas with high interest in smartwatches in UK include:

  • Wales (100%)
  • Northern Ireland (87%)
  • England (80%)
  • Scotland (80%)

According to Statista:

Worldwide smartwatch unit sales doubled from 19 million to 38 million between 2015 and 2016, and the market is expected to continue growing at a similar pace in the coming years, with 2018 projections of around 141 million unit sales.


3. Closed-Circuit Television

Closed-Circuit Television or video surveillance solutions have been long sought after to help us see what happens behind our backs or when we’re not around.

They’ve given regular people, security agencies, parents, teachers, even ghost hunters in some cases, a clear view of activities and goings on in their absence.

CCTVs have solved murders, homicides, burglaries, etc by providing incontrovertible video evidence, it has helped parents observe their children unsupervised, etc.

Here’s a Google Trends (2004-2014) chart:


Areas with high interest in UK are:

  • Wales (100%)
  • England (96%)
  • Northern Ireland (78%)
  • Scotland (75%)

Statista reports indicate that in 2013, the CCTV analog camera market had a size of around 6.28 billion U.S. dollars.



Dropshipping doesn’t require (huge) startup capital. If you have a PC, tablet or smartphone and Internet connection, that’s all you need to start.

These products are great places to start.

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Amos Onwukwe
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