5 business tools to boost efficiency

 The maximisation of productivity is unquestionably one of the biggest priorities that modern businesses have, but it’s not necessarily too difficult to achieve, given the proliferation in recent years of highly sophisticated business tools that can often be accessed with little more than an Internet connection.

Here are just five of the tools to which to can turn to boost efficiency in your own office.



 Your business data is a seriously valuable commodity, but how can you efficiently keep an eye on all of those parameters like keyword rankings, site visitors, AdWords metrics and more? Cyfe, that’s where. It’s the complete business dashboard app that gives you one place to effortlessly cast an eye over your firm’s data relating to social media, marketing, sales, infrastructure and so much more.

Make the most of the pre-built widgets from the likes of Shopify and MailChimp to customise your dashboard, so that you only see exactly what you want to see.


Azure Calculation Engine (ACE)

 As incredible a product as Excel undoubtedly is, so many larger firms have come to depend on it that little bit too much, including for critical “line of business” processes. It was always designed for use on desktop operating systems rather than servers, so how can you ensure truly high-performance computing when your firm calls upon Excel?

The data science bods at RedPixie have provided an interesting answer with their unique solution framework, the Azure Calculation Engine (ACE), which enables the running of Excel applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, based on a server, thereby allowing you to make the most of cloud computing.



 For intuitively keeping track of all of those things that you need to do, whether in your home or business life, it’s difficult to beat Trello. The platform works on the basis of boards, lists and cards that allow you to easily organise, prioritise and collaborate on projects.


It’s as simple as you like to use Trello to move tasks around, delegate them to other people via tagging, and check them off once they’re done. You would be hard-pressed to find a more fluid productivity platform.



Another thing that’s very easy to do in the office is lose track of your emails – for example, forgetting to follow up on an email that you sent several days ago. Thankfully, there’s always the option of incorporating the deceptively simple personal task manager known as Boomerang into your Gmail account.

While Boomerang is certainly useful for setting up reminders relating to your emails to which you haven’t yet had a reply, it’s also great if you suddenly realise that you need to send a certain email first thing in the morning. Rather than depend on remembering, you can simply use Boomerang, right there and then, to compose an email and schedule it to be sent at the perfect time.



HR duties like payroll and benefits will inevitably sap much of your time as the owner of a small or medium-sized business, so an all-in-one HR solution like Gusto could be a godsend, helping to ensure that your team is taken care of while you focus principally on your core business.

Not just payroll, but also health benefits, 401(k) plans and time-off tracking can be consolidated in one place and managed intuitively. More than 40,000 firms across the US are already taking advantage of it, and you can try it for one month free.

With solutions like the above available for practically every area of your business, if you wish to boost efficiency with relatively little effort, they should never be overlooked – whatever your company’s size or sector. You will almost certainly see the difference in terms of both your business’s bottom line and the greater amount of time that you ultimately have.