5 reasons why CommissionCrowd is the Ultimate Commission-Only Sales Network

Did you know that CommissionCrowd is the world’s fastest growing online site that’s entirely dedicated to the commission-only sales industry?

We thought you may be interested to learn a little more about the reasons why thousands of top self-employed sales professionals are using CommissionCrowd to build their ultimate sales portfolio.



1. Is CommissionCrowd Free For Self-Employed Sales Professionals? Do we ever take anything from your earnings?

CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed sales agents and we will never take a single penny of your hard earned commissions. We charge companies to use our service, not sales professionals.

2. Why Should Independent Sales Professionals Use CommissionCrowd?

Like you, we were sick and tired of the valueless, fleeting alternatives available for the independent sales industry up until now.

Generic job sites full of unsuitable/uneducated companies who are looking for cheap or free labour just won’t cut it anymore.

There isn’t a single company out there that fights as hard for independent sales professionals as we do.

We truly understand the way you work and the value you bring to the companies you choose to work with. We built CommissionCrowd to be the true home of independent sales.

3. Do You Vet Companies Before Allowing Them To Join CommissionCrowd?

Yes! We vet every single company before allowing them to join and put their sales opportunity infront of you. Your time is precious and unlike traditional job websites who are happy to take money from anyone who will give it to them, we don’t.

We then work with each company to ensure their opportunities are well suited to the needs of independent reps before allowing them to be published in our network.

We fight hard to secure higher commissions for you and we also educate companies that have great products or services but perhaps have never worked with self-employed sales professionals before.

You’ll make better connections, be better supported, save time, work more efficiently and ultimately sell more.

4. How Does CommissionCrowd Save Sales professionals time?

The beauty of working within CommissionCrowd means you’ll never have to manually generate and hand over call or activity reports to the companies you work with ever again.

As long as you use CommissionCrowd to manage your working partnerships, the companies you connect with are sent automated, high level, activity reports which are designed to completely eliminate any manual reporting on your part.

By high level we mean that companies will see that a particular lead is being worked on and what stage it’s at in the sales pipeline, but if it’s a lead that’s been generated by the salesperson, the company won’t have access to details such as the person you are speaking with or their contact details.

5. Why Should Sales Agents Use CommissionCrowd’s Functionality?

In addition to making it easy to find and connect with the companies you want to work with, we also have a full suite of functionality available to make managing your remote working partnerships easy and efficient for the long-term.

After connecting with a company on CommissionCrowd, certain elements of your accounts then become collaborative while also having been designed to protect your autonomy.

  • You’ll have access to structured training programs set up by the company that allow you to learn about your new lines quickly and easily.
  • You have your own lead creation and sales pipeline management functionality that you can use to manage your own leads as well as leads sent directly to by the companies you work with.
  • You’ll have instant access to the important files and documents you need to close business, shared with you by the companies you work with.
  • Automated activity reporting means you’ll never have to generate activity or call reports for companies ever again.
  • Plus our deal manager (coming soon) means you’ll always receive your commission payments on-time, every time.

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