5 reasons why Video Interviewing saves time and money

Video interviewing are fast becoming the standard way for businesses to carry out the hiring process. In recent years, the use of video interviews have risen and around 60% of managers now regularly use technology in this way. This number continues to rise as more and more organisations are using video interviews to streamline the recruitment process.

5 Benefits of video Interviewing

1. Access a wide range of Candiantes

Video interviewing allows companies to access a wide range of top talent both nationally and internationally with no need to travel or scheduling conflicts

2. Cost savings

Video interviewing can help streamline your recruitment process by cutting out some of the inefficiencies of the typical hiring process. For distance a typical phone screen interview can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Most HR professionals know within the first 90 seconds whether a candidate will be a good fit for the role. this leaves you stuck on the phone for 29 minutes or more with someone which is not a good fit.

3. Flexibility

Video interviewing gives both candidates and hiring managers a high level of flexibility: Scheduling conflicts and be avoided, as the recording of the video interview by the candidate and the assessment by the recruiter and hiring manager occur independently of each : candidates can easily record the interview, according to their availability, and recruiters and hiring managers are able to watch those video interviews in a time and place of their choosing

4. Better quality hires

Video interviewing helps recruiters to gain greater insights into their candidates to showcase their personality in the early stages of their recruitment process

5. Boost candidates experience and employer branding

Candidate experience is a key factor in a successful talent acquisition strategy; enabling top applications to participate in a video interview through their mobile device, laptop, tablet, etc. can great improve the candidate experience and accessibility. Companies are focusing heavily on employer branding strategy approach to attract and retain best talent.

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