6 things you Need to Know About PeopleHR

PeopleHR is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did. It’s a revolution, and we’re proud to have started it.

HR Should be a Strategic Part of Business
HR has the power to solve or improve 95% of business issues. That’s why we believe HR professionals should be considered strategic business partners, instead of disconnected paper-pushers.

HR Should be Resourceful
Great HR departments should be a company resource – not a drain on company resources. That’s why we developed our HR software to be affordable and easy-to-use with no need for internal I.T. support.

HR Should be Flexible
We believe HR processes should be flexible enough to cater for the demands of an ever-growing workforce – and that means scalable technology designed for a modern age of mobile technology.

HR Should be Fun
Many people see Human Resources as a dull, admin-heavy industry. We think otherwise. Just because HR professionals have a tough job to do, why shouldn’t they find a way to have fun doing it?

HR Should be Expert-Led
Human Resources is constantly buffeted with red tape and legislation changes. In our experience, the best HR professionals are those who continue to develop their industry knowledge and expertise.

HR Should be People-Focused
Human Resources would not exist if your company did not employ people. That’s why we believe HR should focus less on time-consuming paperwork, and focus more on the people that make your company tick.