The evolution from IoT to M2M?

During the last 15 years the way we communicate has been transformed beyond recognition. Today we are more connected than ever, now technology is not connecting just people but machines and devices changing forever the way we do business and the way we do anything else.

There are a few industries at the forefront of this revolution, but Mobile phone networks such as Vodaphone, O2, and EE are taking the lead and making M2M a more tangible reality.

What is M2M? You might know it as the “Internet of Things” Machine to Machine is a technology that allows physical objects, devices and machines to communicate to each other thou the internet.   This means that machines can communicate or “speak” to each other and share information with each other without the need of human intervention.

Here are some examples of how M2M  can benefit our business and our lives:

If you home and you car is empowered by M2M technology:

  • Smart home services
  • Remotely security home alarms
  • Remote Heath monitory
  • M2M Cars
  • Real time adaptive traffic control systems
  • Dynamic targeted advertising content systems
  • Energy usage monitoring and management
  • Remote asset monitory: Truck fleets, vending machines
  • Breakdown asset anticipation management
  • Asset tracking
  • Smart Waste management

M2M means that we can do more quickly, cheaper and utilizing less energy, giving business more growth, more visibility and more control and engaging customers and making their happier.

There is a new industry sector that will relay totally on M2M technology. This new approach will re defined how business operates and will help business to develop better operation agility and better costumer engagement.


Flavio V