Well&Truly: Delicious Snacking Made Healthier

We are constantly told how the UK is a nation of snackers: research shows that 97% of Brits snack regularly. Coupled with increased obesity rates within the UK, snacking has become negatively associated with bad eating habits: a byword for something naughty. However, as the snacking market grows and is projected to increase by 14% from 2014 to 2019, a healthier snacking market has begun to emerge. This area of the market offers the public healthier alternatives to high refined sugar and high saturated fat products.

We’re not about creating a new, short-lived fad. At Well&Truly we believe that small, sustainable changes within a person’s diet and lifestyle can create incredible positive change. Our products are adapted, healthier versions of recognised and well-loved products. We’re carving out an innovative and healthy niche within an already established food market by ensuring that each of our products carry multiple ‘better for you’ USPs: lower fat, lower sugar, fewer calories, baked not fried, gluten free, all natural ingredients…

We’ve created a brand that prides itself on keeping things simple: we believe that less is moreish. This creates a transparency, allowing our customers to feel assured that they’re eating a genuine product that will help them to live more healthily. With the obesity crisis and health problems associated with bad or poor diet choices, we take huge responsibility in creating products that taste good as well as do good.

Our current range includes two bagged snacks; Salted Tortilla Chips and Crunchy Cheese Sticks. Both are gluten free and 40% less fat than traditional Tortilla Chips and Cheese Crisps. We also do an on-the-go Gazpacho Drink which is a blend of tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber and sweet onion, offering consumers 2 of their 5 a day in one handy bottle.

The naturally occurring sugars from the vegetables are only 1.8% meaning that our Gazpacho Drink is unparalleled on the market for its low sugar content and an ideal healthier alternative to a higher sugar fruit juice. Just as snacking fills the gap between meals, Well&Truly are bridging the gap between great taste and healthy choices.

Company : Well&Truly Ltd.