Why Fiverr “account warning” email might not be the right approach

Fiverr terms and conditions clearly estate that users should not contact each other directly. For obvious reasons this might not be the case for every user as TandC might not fit all.


From: Fiverr [mailto:noreply@fiverr] Sent: 20 September 2015 07:27
To: Fiverr Seller
Subject: Fiverr: Account Warning!

Hi buyer sellers
To keep our community safe, we ask that users do not exchange personal contact information. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service (http://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?utm_medium=d001&utm_source=el_uw&utm_term=na_na).
Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.

The Fiverr Team

Dear Fiverr team

We run a professional Fiverr Gig offer. Our gigs supply Fiverr users with a service that no other Fiverr seller can match in terms of quality.

Due to the nature of our gig, sometimes, we might have to exchange details with some of our buyers, mainly because they need to evaluate the quality of our service before they pay for their gig. There you have it i just confessed to a serious “Fiverr federal offence”, however, i can not stress more that trust works two ways. I trust the Fiverr marketplace, and  Fiverr has to trust me, the user.

Of course we need Contracts, but  before you send an “account warning” email you should investigate what is the reason behind the offence. Don’t shoot first and ask questions later. Asking first why a user might wanted to contact another user direclty might help to develop the Fiverr marketplace further. Not always means that users want to cheat Fiverr.

The reality is,  that is very easy for Fiverr users to contact each other directly, but because users like the convenience and because they trust  the Fiverr marketplace, users still carry on using Fiverr and contributing towards Fiverr success.

I totally don’t mind to pay Fiverr 20% of every dollar I make as far as Fiverr do the following for me:

1. Promote my gig
2. Collect my money in advance
3. Supply me with a strong platform in order to trade
4. Pay into my bank account or paypal

The Fiverr marketplace allows me to focus and to concentrate on delivering quality gig.

I do understand that, from time to time, users might want to cheat Fiverr and do business directly, however, please make sure you send a “account warning” to some one whos intention is to cheat and not to someone who’s intention is to grow his his Fiverr reputation and gigs



To be continue

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